Noni for Lupus

21 Dec

I just caught up with Ktown over dinner, movie, and after-movie tea.  She’s studying grad school in Environmental Science and gave me some great insights into my possible year off from school; people to contact and ideas bounced (note to self: don’t assume first nations communities just need more research and surveying — perhaps they need something less academic, more tangible.  consider your own assumptions).

One cool thing was talking to her about her mom, who has lupus but has been in remission for years.  I was asking Ktown about what kinds of symptoms her mom has had (Ktown recalls hearing about pericarditis), what medication she would take (prednisone and methotrexate), etc.  I’ve met her mom and it’s amazing that she’s ever had a chronic condition; she seems perfectly healthy, even above-average active for her age.

Ktown and her mom both swear by Noni Juice as the reason she’s been so healthy.  At first I was skeptical, but then again…

Frond:  noni juice?
her mom called in to order more and the customer service person had the same story, lupus ‘cured’ by noni juice.
“Medical professionals studying Noni juice have discovered that it works on a cellular level to support healthy living” – Ktown says that to me: “it works on a CELLULAR level!”
but everything does, i think.
but food is food, and much isn’t known i suppose
it’d be easy for me to scoff, but i don’t think i should
Frond:  if it’s working it’s working. or at least she’s in remission
me:  it’s not that it cures everything for everyone, but if someone’s finding it’s working..
some people pray, some people drink noni, and some people just have more and more meds
Frond:  seems worth being understood if it’s having such a real effect and it sounds like it’s being studied
me:  the more i read the more i want to try it!

Whutchu sayin'

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