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Weekend review

12 Aug

Being in a bachlorette party is about being the best prop you can be. Being the bride to be is ideally about being a good sport.

I found pole dancing a lot more uncomfortable than I expected. It was easier than I expected but surprisingly awkward. When did I become such a prude?

Some people talk a lot about money and peoples looks. I like people who don’t.

I met a girl who has been talking about me behind my back. It was good to break the ice with her. I don’t think she will anymore.

The feeling you get from seeing a true good friend even just for a few minutes is worth waiting around an extra few hours.

Weekend in Review

10 Apr

Dropped off by a Grenadian Christian, sharing the good word. But there is something unsettling about how aryan Jesus is, even in the Caribbean.

From Mr.Chipotle. Just when you thought his burritos couldn't get any better.

Exclamations from the Easter Bazaar.

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