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I stayed up late

19 Feb

to catch the 10:30pm lane swim. In the locker room, the 2nd years still decorate each person’s locker, and there’s a list of goals hanging on the wall, like back when I was there. The showers are still flooding and the walls are the same yellow. Even the paper signs saying not to hang wet bathing suits on lockers are still there.

Walking home, I was thinking about people I know and love around the world, and how we’re not really that far from each other. Many of them are sleeping at the same time, maybe as I was walking home even. I have about a week and a bit left here in Hamilton, and it has flown by, like I thought it would, back on my 3rd day.

I turned onto my street, which was dark, porch lights were off. Not for the first time since being here, I noticed the stars in the sky, which were shining on the dark dark blue. A couple constellations, but enough to make me catch my breath – has it been that long since I’ve seen the stars like that? I guess so. I felt instantly smaller and connected, and for the first time in a while, wasn’t thinking about the future or the past. 

Stars in Brooklyn

12 Feb

Did you know you can still see the stars in Brooklyn?

In other news, I saw an Argyll Robertson pupil today, the so called prostitute’s pupil.

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