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27 Jun

The other day in family med inpatient, I heard the best brooklynism yet. A woman was describing to me how she lost her appetite after her first chemo treatment. “And on Wednesday? Food? Fuggeddaboudit!”

Stars in Brooklyn

12 Feb

Did you know you can still see the stars in Brooklyn?

In other news, I saw an Argyll Robertson pupil today, the so called prostitute’s pupil.

Park slope mums

8 Feb

I’m eavesdropping on a group of them making plans on what to bring up to the school. Too much homework, 10min of science a day too much, grade 8s learning about kings of west Africa, classes too much like college survey courses, why don’t they end school at 4 instead of 3 so they can do home stuff once at home, overinflated sense of curriculum, teacher got son in trouble for such a benign thing.

Park slope moms, every teacher’s dream. Good they are involved I guess.


From a birthday stroll through a graveyard.

29 Nov


Sunday mornings

16 Sep


I’ve moved to Brooklyn for clinicals. Can’t complain.

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