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Made in Grenada: Carib

29 Oct

Tagline: “Drink What You Like”.  I think around Carnival time it was “Drink Who You Are”, which kind of inadvertently highlighted the whole beer/urine comparison.  Smart move Carib, smart move.

Carib: Made in Grenada. Just down the road in fact! Down the highway about 5 minutes drive from school.

Feel: Cool, smooth, bottle-y.  Nice on a hot day, which is every day.

Find it: Anywhere.  Tis ubiquitous.

Price: Not sure the individual price but 3 for 10 is the usual deal.  Do these even come individually?  Either way, it is typically your cheapest drink you’ll find.

A familiar sight: The famous 3 for 10EC Caribs. 15 if you are MJ's.

Taste: Coming from Canada, I don’t have high expectations for the national mass-produced beers.  But Carib is surprisingly good!  I’m not a regular beer drinker, but when I do… I choose Carib.

Insider Tip:Mispronouncing it may tend for you to be waiting longer for the drink as your server tries to get what you are saying to them. It is “Care-ib”, not “Cariiieeb” which sounds even more shrill when you’re yelling it across a bar. And by you I mean me. (Still fun to say though. Cariiiiiieb!)

Term 3 Road Trip Memories 2

16 Oct

A Carib / Arawak etching on a beach on the West coast of Grenada.

Caribs and Arawaks were the indigenous people of the West Indes.  They were eventually driven out of Grenada by French colonists, who had them surrounded and outnumbered.  The last Caribs/Arawaks remaining on the island committed mass suicide by jumping off a cliff at the northern most point of the island, now called “Sauteurs”.  There is a monument to them there.

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