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Speaking Jewish

23 Oct

This morning at Morning Report we had our usual case presentations of consults and traumas that happened overnight. A resident was presenting a trauma where the patient came in unconscious and later his family followed him into the trauma bay, where some of them were arguing with the trauma team against intubating the patient. The resident described how the discussion went for 30 minutes, with more family members (up to 18 at one point) coming who could better discuss the situation with other family because they “could speak Jewish.” The room at Morning Report laughed. I might have too, but then remarked how it sounds just as silly (but much more common) to say “could speak Chinese.” Ah well.

The Chinese say

27 Jul

I’ve learned a few new Chinese sayings on this trip.

“Do gooders attract trouble.” Sums up the mentality of not rocking the boat. Keep your eyes down and just go on your way. I’m not sure if it’s an accurate generalization, but there are quite a few people in my own family do tend toward the attitude that “things just won’t change” or worse, that “causing a big ruckus can bring unwanted attention and trouble”.

电灯泡 = Electric light bulb. Last night, my mom and I went to sit on some beach chairs by the pool to look up at the stars. Beside us was a canopy with the curtains drawn down. My mom thought there might be someone inside and asked if we should find some other chairs because she didn’t want to be a “ding dang dam” or an electric light bulb. This is basically Chinese for a cockblock. The idea is that two lovers (or as my mom put it, “two people who are not just dating but courting”)would want to kiss in the dark. To be an electric light bulb would be to spoil their romantic fun (or sexy shenanigans, as people like to say!)

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