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beautiful bali

27 Jul

My mom and I are on the last leg of our Asia extravaganza trip: Bali.

It’s not like us (i.e. I feel slightly embarrassed admitting this), but we booked 4 nights in an all-inclusive spa resort. It was a 3 hour drive from the airport through steep mountain roads that were just a van-tumble away from rice terraces, and just a mis-step from village doorsteps. The driving was crazy and very much reminded me of Grenada. Really though, even the 3 hours drive was beautiful. I loved seeing the villages, temples, and wacky motorcyclists driving with babies on their laps. I was pinching my arm every time I felt we were getting a little too close to killing or being killed, but my mom seemed to enjoy the ride, chatting with our driver and sucking on ginger candy.

This resort is amazing, of course. I have been a lump being massaged, napping, rolling myself into the pool, and going for a dip in the ocean to check out the fish. They provided simple tan coloured clothes for us to wear if we like, which my mom has been enjoying even though they were Large (and today, gave us XXL). She looks so happy striding around the little compound, being so grateful to everyone, speaking so slowly and with a big smile. Precious mamabird! People just lie about by the pool, get up to eat at the restaurant, then head back to the pool for a nap. When my mom and I were exploring the compound, seeing my mom check out every nook and cranny, I thought that this was like pre-school for adults. It helps that my mom is just a bit taller than child-sized.

Anyway, there are no TVs in the rooms and only 1 place with wireless. There are no clocks and there’s lots of chatting with staff. I appreciate that they try to make this resort more like a community or village. Be cynical if you want, of course everyone’s happy while on vacation, but it’s good to see my mom smiling so genuinely and really enjoying herself.

Thanks Bali!

Weekend in Review

10 Apr

Dropped off by a Grenadian Christian, sharing the good word. But there is something unsettling about how aryan Jesus is, even in the Caribbean.

From Mr.Chipotle. Just when you thought his burritos couldn't get any better.

Exclamations from the Easter Bazaar.

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