Tips for burnout

23 Sep

Obviously I’ve been feeling burnt out lately. Largely because of the stress that comes with working in an in-patient setting, feeling like there is drama and arguments and disappointment and passive-aggressiveness (and aggressive aggressiveness) with every step – with other doctors, consultants, nurses, nursing aides, case managers, etc. Everyone starting on the defensive and assuming the worst of each other. I was telling my mom about how it doesn’t all seem worth it to be a doctor. She told me things get better and that residency is the worst part of it. Here are some quotes I want to share and also keep to remind myself.

  • Only the patients count
  • U don’t get team players very often unless u pick your own team
  • The others position themselves to be your competitors if they have the unfriendly mind set
  • They sometimes have inferiority complex by attacking others it makes themselves feel better
  • Analyze them as if they are patients
  • They are not perfect (edit by me: and don’t need to be)

And my favourite:

  • Keep up the current events in the world so that what’s going on is like a tempest in a teapot

P.S. I don’t forget that I used to hear my brother and his gf (now wife) complain about residency and get infuriated that they would just complain all day when people like me were trying so hard to get into med school. Oh life.

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