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Hey WordPress!

20 Mar

When did you start adding ads to blogs? Hmph.

Stars in Brooklyn

12 Feb

Did you know you can still see the stars in Brooklyn?

In other news, I saw an Argyll Robertson pupil today, the so called prostitute’s pupil.

Burnt popcorn, burnt arm, burnt counter.

4 Dec


Three burns in the process of trying to save a cup from smashing on the floor. I’m up to three cups of coffee a day. It has been gently suggested to me that three cups a day is not good.

From Wikipedia’s Stages of Change:

precontemplation: people are not intending to take action in the forseeable future and are unaware that their behaviour is problematic.

contemplation: People are beginning to recognize that their behaviour is problematic and begin looking at pros and cons of their actions.

But I neeeeeed it…


My future coffee shop.

29 Nov


Ads Seen: Hong Kong

21 Jul

Hong Kong has tons of plastic surgery ads everywhere.

Some slogans include “iLike 4S (shape, success, smile, slim)” with each S written under a picture of a different body part (a bum, a thigh, a smile, a tummy). I’m waiting for the iLike 5S to come out so I can get the iLike 4S for cheap off craigslist.

There’s also “Become Perfect” which I mistook for a wedding boutique ad at first (that would also be a little messed up) because it has a picture of a woman in a lavish white gown gazing into a gilded gold mirror, with a man in a suit peeping over her shoulder. He’s also looking into the mirror, and holding a pen up to the woman’s cheek. To draw the surgical cut lines, I presume.

Reminds me of the huge ads in the Air Canada Center advertising sportswear for women – a t-shirt that says “Future Trophy Wife”. Awesome!

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