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Lucky in a way

23 Feb

I was sad a few weeks ago as I prepared to leave Brooklyn for Hamilton for a month.

Now its coming into my last week in Hamilton and as I see old friends, I’m sad again to go.

Just like the child who cries when leaving for camp, and is crying coming back.

I wondered tonight if this lonely feeling is sustainable. But on the other side of feeling sorry for myself, is the fact that the painful feeling of missing people and places can be a blessing; a reminder not to take people or good memories for granted.

When you feel like you don’t want to leave, wherever you are, it’s lucky in a way.

Weekend review

12 Aug

Being in a bachlorette party is about being the best prop you can be. Being the bride to be is ideally about being a good sport.

I found pole dancing a lot more uncomfortable than I expected. It was easier than I expected but surprisingly awkward. When did I become such a prude?

Some people talk a lot about money and peoples looks. I like people who don’t.

I met a girl who has been talking about me behind my back. It was good to break the ice with her. I don’t think she will anymore.

The feeling you get from seeing a true good friend even just for a few minutes is worth waiting around an extra few hours.

Talented friend!

16 Jan

I have a many. And one of them is Shannon, who I’ve known since Grade 1, when we shared our school’s grass-less pebble-plentiful playground.

I’ve never heard Shannon sing or play a musical instrument. So when I heard these recordings of her singing along to her ukulele, I was blown away! It’s always impressive to see people putting themselves out there, and even more impressive when it’s after only 8 weeks of ukulele playing. Check out more of her recordings at her soundcloud page.


She’s also very talented at making thoughtful comments on my blog. I really appreciate her perspective and that she can laugh with me at the painfulness that is learning clinical skills. She’s in nursing school, which means that she gets all my questions about nurses and nursing school, as I’ve always been unclear about the line between doctors, nurses, med school and nursing school.

When I visited Shannon over winter break, she told me that before she applied to go back to school, she wasn’t sure if she could have been a nurse. She had finished a degree in Psychology and had pursued Fine Arts, and in high school did the minimum amount of science to graduate. But she took a chance on it, and has been doing amazing since day 1. She said to me, “It’s kind of cliche, but it’s true what they say.. that if you really put your mind to something, you can accomplish it!”

When you meet Shannon, she may seem quiet but she is no way meek. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t talk when everyone else is talking, but when something needs to be said or someone needs to be called out on something, Shannon is the first to speak up, especially those times when no one has the guts to say it. Sharing her songs so publicly just reminds me of how she keeps stepping outside her comfort zone and just keeps growing more from it.

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