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Almost done, about to start

19 Apr

I’m in my last two weeks of med school. Where has time gone? Sometimes it dragged on so slowly, and now it’s all a memory. Amazing!

I’m doing a rotation in Preventive Medicine and honestly, it is so much of what I wanted to do medicine for and was waiting for through med school. Still, I’m realizing I do really love seeing and helping individuals and will always want to keep my clinical skills part of my life too. I’ve got ideas and questions filling my head, all about my 5, 10, 15 year life plan but I know that I’ve still got so much more to explore and experience. I’m re-learning how things do unfold in special ways, so long as you listen to how things make you feel.

Med school is almost done but I’ll keep this blog because I don’t think I’m done reflecting just yet!

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