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Stars in Brooklyn

12 Feb

Did you know you can still see the stars in Brooklyn?

In other news, I saw an Argyll Robertson pupil today, the so called prostitute’s pupil.

Bear mountain

29 Nov






I enjoyed the wine, chips and gummy worms at the top.


From a birthday stroll through a graveyard.

29 Nov


Last seen in Grand Anse

6 May

A classmate once described Grand Anse beach as “Peanut butter and jelly” type of beach. Even though it’s the most well-known and most frequented, it’s still my favourite. No other beach I’ve been to can beat it’s clear waters!

I’ve been swimming there since coming to the island, but this last week I saw some pretty cool things.


Like a Moray Eel, sticking it’s head out from a hollow rock. It’s jaws were open and it looked freaky. Those eyes! Leah dove down for a closer look and I was scared it would chomp on her. But it just shut it’s mouth and tucked back into the rock.

National Geographic


A tiny jellyfish, clear but outlined in purple-pink. I couldn’t find a similar picture so here’s my artists’ rendition. It was jiggling away, the mushroom top part of it fattening and flattening as it squiggled through the water. I looked up to tell Leah but when I looked back down I couldn’t find it.

Caribbean sea cucumber (NOAA PHOTO BY BECKY A. DAYHUFF)


When I learned how to scuba dive, my instructor Ricardo picked one of these up off the seafloor to show me. It felt firmer than I expected, and the size and shape of it made me want to throw it like a football through the water. They’re basically just a gut tube!

Term 3 Road Trip Memories 2

16 Oct

A Carib / Arawak etching on a beach on the West coast of Grenada.

Caribs and Arawaks were the indigenous people of the West Indes.  They were eventually driven out of Grenada by French colonists, who had them surrounded and outnumbered.  The last Caribs/Arawaks remaining on the island committed mass suicide by jumping off a cliff at the northern most point of the island, now called “Sauteurs”.  There is a monument to them there.

Term 3 road trip memories

10 Oct

Beach sprout.

The beach sprout's beach view

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