Dr. cures hangovers in Las Vegas

13 Apr

One of my friends in a different medical school back home told me how students would hook themselves up to IVs after a night out partying.  Sounded pretty shady to me.

I guess it’s not so uncommon though.  In fact, one doctor has made a business out of it.  His company drives a bus up and down the Las Vegas strip, offering hangover cures in 45 minutes.  Clients are hooked up to an IV, offered iPads and coffee while they rest on the bus’ bunkbeds.  There’s the Redemption package (basics), and the Salvation package (plus some vitamins).  They also sell t-shirts.  There’s “Now If I could Just Find Herpes Heaven” and “I Feel Like Jesus on Easter Morning”.

Hangover heaven.


One Response to “Dr. cures hangovers in Las Vegas”

  1. shannon April 17, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    i have a friend, who granted is a bit crazy.. but he totally swears by drinking a whoooole lot of pedialyte before going to bed, haha.

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