Hospital Dress Code

9 Jan

This term we’re heading in to the General Hospital and for the first time, interacting with real patients (who aren’t being paid for us to poke them).  Our school sent us an email outlining our dress code for the hospital trips.  Here are a few of them:

  • Skirts must be no shorter than 2″ above the knee.

I was happy about that one.  It’s reasonable!  The usual at or below the knee is only good if you’re wearing a towel.

  • Trousers or pants must be loose fitting

At my Catholic high school it was a big deal when girls were allowed to wear grey pants instead of the usual kilt.  But the admin didn’t expect people to start wearing grey yoga pants with their blouses.  I guess the Pope would not have been cool with that.

  • No sleeveless clothing allowed

Not even under our white coats.  Someone told me that most of the hospital isn’t air conditioned and that last term someone fainted every week.

  • No see-through clothing
  • No topless

I wish I knew the story behind the making of that last rule.



4 Responses to “Hospital Dress Code”

  1. mon January 14, 2012 at 6:16 am #

    OK, so maybe this is a silly question, but do they have a “make-up code” ? I only ask, because at my all-girls high school, you weren’t allowed to wear bright coloured nail-polish. I guess their rationale behind it was to preserve the conservative, professional uniformed look. At the time I thought it was an oppressive way to stifle our individuality, but I see how make-up can really affect your presentation since a lot of people judge you on your looks rather than your qualities (not saying it’s right, it’s just the way it is).

    • Sunny January 15, 2012 at 8:36 am #

      they don’t! nails are pretty fancy down in the caribbean, so you’d think they might have to put a limit on how long they could be at least. but they didn’t mention anything about nails, nor make-up. For me, make-up melts off the face really fast especially down here anyway.

      you’re totally right about people judging on looks rather than qualities; it’s all they have to go off of for the first while, and sometimes the only thing, if people are just passing through a hospital and see lots of people but only talk to a few of them. some students kind of get miffed about the dress code, especially the no sleeveless part, but Grenada’s a pretty conservative country and being so small, word gets around fast if students are being all loose and unsleeved.

      • shannon January 15, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

        i’m surprised they don’t have a code re: painted nails. regardless of professionalism/appearance.. that’s a huge infection control issue! slightest chip and bacteria can live under there no matter how well you wash your hands.. in ottawa, they had a big problem with babies in the nicu getting c.diff (i believe) at CHEO, and ended up tracking it down to a single nurse who wore acrylics. she was just passing it from baby to baby 😦


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