Happy new year!

3 Jan

I’ve been trying to read a lot this holiday.  Including all the books lying haphazardly around the house.  Before my brother gives them all away because no one reads them.  One of them was “Who Moved My Cheese?” which Frond helpfully told me got terrible reviews on Amazon.  Luckily I had already read it (it is super short).

The story is pretty basic.  A cheese-loving tiny-sized person is conquers his fears and learns some life-lessons as he ventures out into the maze to find his New Cheese after his old faithful pile of cheese disappears.   Along the way he writes messages on the wall of the maze for his friend who refused to leave where the Old Cheese disappeared from.  I thought one of the messages was nicely appropriate for the new year.  It was: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Let’s go 2012!



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