Iron-man for jerks

29 Nov

I know it hasn’t been that long since i was there, and that there isn’t really all that much different between us except that i started school a year before them, but lately everything term 1s do seems extremely annoying. Including studying at the same table as me, quietly doing anatomy questions together.

On a related note, exam time is a great time to reflect on how irritable and cranky of a person you can be. It’s like competing an iron-man and realizing you had it in you all along, but for downers. On the upside, it’s good practice for trying to stay aware of feeling annoyed, and keeping perspective. Emphasis on the practice. Having appropriate reactions to situations can be hard!

Tomorrow’s my Clinical Skills practical exam. We dress “professionally” in white coats and see our standardized patients. 6 days until the Path exam. 13 days until home and Christmas break. Whew.


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