How doctors learn to do pap smears and pelvic exams

27 Nov

Stephanie: in lab the other day
Stephanie:  we did our first pelvic exam (ie genital!)
Stephanie:  but on models
Stephanie:  but the vaginal model was kind of weird to watch classmates do
Stephanie:  feeling around, rectal exams pap smears and feeling uteruses
Stephanie:  our model wasn’t working right so our tutor had to stick his hand in it to work it properly
Stephanie:  and he had his arm up to the shoulder in this fake lower body model
Stephanie:  and then my friend had his hands in the other end
Stephanie:  it was just kinda weird
Ktown: oh myyy

Ktown: you must get quite comfortable around each other
Ktown: so the model like looks and feels real?
Ktown: i guess that is a silly question
Stephanie:  it looks real
Stephanie:  and kinda feels real
Stephanie:  but it’s not flexible, it’s kind of rigid
Stephanie:  so when we were trying to get the speculum in for pap smear
Stephanie:  you had to really force it
Stephanie:  and it seemed really violent, painful
Stephanie:  or pulling it out, people were like wrenching it out
Ktown: ahhhhh omg
Stephanie:  then it fwapp’d back
Ktown: fwapp’ed?
Stephanie:  the noise it made
Ktown: i wont even ask

Stephanie:  you’re supposed to inspect the rectum and the vagina at the same time at one point
Stephanie:  like have two fingers on the same hand in both
Stephanie:  it’s basically the shocker
Stephanie:  and did you know there’s a special order to which finger you take out first? (the vaginal one)
Stephanie:  and my friend was too shy to say vagina or anus
Stephanie:  so he was trying to describe his finger that was in the anus the longer one
Stephanie:  to avoid saying anus
Ktown: oh my

Ktown: youve shockered a fake girl!
Stephanie:  it was for science!

Ktown: why must you do both at the same time?
Stephanie:  it’s to feel the septum between them
Stephanie:  it’s supposed to feel like the webbing between your thumb and first finger
Stephanie:  (i bet you just felt it! because i did in class when i heard that)
Ktown: i see
Ktown: felt what?
Stephanie:  the webbing on your hand
Stephanie:  nevermind i was wrong!
Ktown: i was thinking about feeling my finger webbing
Ktown: then i read that and freaked
Stephanie:  it’s hard not to. I’m just curious!
Stephanie:  (i was anyway. In class i tried to hide that i was feeling it. I don’t know why i cared!)
Ktown: i keep thinking your talking about the other one


4 Responses to “How doctors learn to do pap smears and pelvic exams”

  1. shannon November 27, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    i feel like i’m the only one that comments and am thus, blog-stalking you.. haha.

    however these always make me laugh because they remind me of my own labs.
    have you done catheters!? aha.. those are.. not fun. i did an intermittent catheter (female) in real life, with another student, and it was the weirdest experience ever.. though i suppose we quickly got over it. it’s the causing someone pain/discomfort thing that gives me the most anxiety :/

    • Sunny November 29, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

      we haven’t done catheters yet but i think we start that next term. i have kind of a fear of needles so it’s going to be interesting.. but my roommate let me give her an injection once and it’s surprising how fast you can get over things. in clinical skills labs here there is a lot of hype about certain things. Like my clinical skills small group was debating about whether or not they’d allow us students to do chest exams on women (“boobs!”) since in lab we only practiced on each other and only on guys. but for our quiz we had to do a CVS exam on a woman and for all our wondering and worrying it was no big deal. being just thrown in really is sometimes the best way!

      • shannon November 30, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

        i totally had a fear of needles too.. the first time i gave a subq injection (insulin), my patient’ mother SCREAMED at me, just as i was literally about to pierce skin, “MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HURT HIM”.. he was a 57 y/o male with a long hx of type II DM, if it makes any difference. he gets needles. every. day. raghhhh.

        anyway it shook my nerves a lot, so i signed up to work at the flu vaccine clinic this year. which was also the first time i’d done IM injections.
        literally everything i had been fearful of, happened.
        i hit a vein, a girl fainted, and i hit someone’s bone (not scary but really creepy feeling..)

        but now i sorta feel like needles are okay. haha 🙂


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