The Cup of Divas

29 Oct

Abby was just in my room, checking out my earrings hanging by my mirror, the little Buddha statue sitting on my dresser.  Then an odd cup, sitting inverted on the surface-top.  “Oh what’s this?”  “Oh my God don’t touch that!”  Abby found my Diva Cup. I really shouldn’t leave it out lying around.  But hey, it was a great way to introduce the idea to someone (how else, really, can it ever come up?) and I think she thought it was a great idea.  And on top of that, she and I reached a new level in our friendship.

Julia first told me about Diva Cup, which I wasn’t sure about because of swimming (flip turns, hey!) but I highly endorse it.  Think of how many tampons and menstrual pads you keep out of the trash!


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