Made in Grenada: Carib

29 Oct

Tagline: “Drink What You Like”.  I think around Carnival time it was “Drink Who You Are”, which kind of inadvertently highlighted the whole beer/urine comparison.  Smart move Carib, smart move.

Carib: Made in Grenada. Just down the road in fact! Down the highway about 5 minutes drive from school.

Feel: Cool, smooth, bottle-y.  Nice on a hot day, which is every day.

Find it: Anywhere.  Tis ubiquitous.

Price: Not sure the individual price but 3 for 10 is the usual deal.  Do these even come individually?  Either way, it is typically your cheapest drink you’ll find.

A familiar sight: The famous 3 for 10EC Caribs. 15 if you are MJ's.

Taste: Coming from Canada, I don’t have high expectations for the national mass-produced beers.  But Carib is surprisingly good!  I’m not a regular beer drinker, but when I do… I choose Carib.

Insider Tip:Mispronouncing it may tend for you to be waiting longer for the drink as your server tries to get what you are saying to them. It is “Care-ib”, not “Cariiieeb” which sounds even more shrill when you’re yelling it across a bar. And by you I mean me. (Still fun to say though. Cariiiiiieb!)


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