How things change?

29 Oct

I skyped with my mom last night.  She was in the Starbucks under our apartment, working.  She told me “I’m still working on Tuesday’s notes!”

I haven’t been talking to her very regularly while I’m at school but when I do I always notice how similar the things we say are.  I’m working on notes, she’s working on notes.  I’m trying not to fall behind, she’s working on notes from Tuesday.  Just so many notes!

I’m writing notes on lecture materials and she’s making notes on patients who came in for appointments, but it makes me wonder how much things will change with time.  I’ve been looking forward to 3rd and 4th year because those will be my Clinical Years in the hospitals.  But really, even after I graduate and start working, it’s more notes.

True, that part of it is my mom’s fastidiousness with her note-taking.  And ya, there will be advances in electronic medical records (I hope).  But I look at my friends back home, who are enjoying each other’s company, going to concerts, cottages, climbing CN towers and generally living.  And I know it’s just Term 4 but even living in as beautiful, natural, and soul-enriching place like Grenada, I sometimes feel like I am living in a book and in terms.  What is going on in the world?  What are people like when they aren’t stressed?  What am I like when I’m not stressed?  Was I always this irritable?

I know this will pass and it’s growth.  I appreciate it, even now, and am going through things that are giving me a chance to explore aspects of human behaviour that I haven’t seen before.  It’s life, in a different way.

Isn’t it true: grass is always greener, especially over facebook statuses.  Less internet, more study.


2 Responses to “How things change?”

  1. Clare Flourish October 30, 2011 at 4:52 am #

    Life does not just stay taking notes, it stays taking exams. That patient comes in with the thing you have not seen for years: you need to know about it. A practical exam for you, sprung without warning. And- you get to do it well, it is OK.

    • Sunny October 30, 2011 at 8:37 am #

      Ahh it’s true. We’re in the middle of an exam week right now, and sometimes I think things like how I can’t wait till school is over because then the notes and exams will be over. But it’s good to be reminded that this whole thing isn’t just about school, it is about knowing what to do when, as you said, the patient comes in with the thing you haven’t seen in years. Thanks for the comment!

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