October 25ths in review.

25 Oct

Blow your mind. At year’s end you should look back at your thoughts and opinions twelve months before and find them quaint. If not, you probably didn’t read or explore or work hard enough. (Come to think of it, this is not a bad rule for life.)- Chris Blattman

2007: Turning 22.  No pants party.

Sums it up. Start of a wacky wild year.

2008: Turning 23:

Family time. End of a wild year, start of a reflective one.

2009: Turning 24.  Biking in Thailand.

Post-MSc, biking along rice paddies in Thailand.

2010: Turning 25.  Boat cruise on the Tyne.

180 1st year med students on a boat.

2011: Turning 26. Studying for exams in Grenada.

Remnants of the S-cookie

Frond's reflection in the fridge, making breakfast.

Basophil Breakfast: eggs, peas, corn and carrots.

Amazing popcorn results. Frondly hand on CPD notes.

Studying for exams, view from the library. Thank you Grenadian Thanksgiving ceremony for reminding me of the sunset!


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