Thank you Tinsley.

11 Oct

It’s about 60 some odd days until the end of term 4.  We’re two weeks out from our second round of exams, the dreaded systemic path exam.  4 hours of class a day, plus 2-4 hours of lab Monday to Thursday is grinding everyone’s nerves down a little.  It’s like that time mid-season where you’ve got a lot of work under your belt but you’re just a little too far out to feel like the end is in clear sight.  I know this is going to end and that when it does I’ll look back with more than a little nostalgia.

So thank goodness for Dr.Jhala, our visiting prof for Pathology of GI Tract.  He’s a big fan of Dr.Tinsley Harrison, the author of Harrison’s aka internal medicine bible.  I have memories of my dad telling me how in med school the big secret was just to read Harrison’s and you’d know everything you’d need to know.

Dr.Jhala opened today’s lecture with this:

“No greater opportunity or obligation can fall the lot of a human being than to be a physician. In the care of suffering he needs technical skill, scientific knowledge and human understanding. He who uses these with courage, humility and wisdom will provide a unique service to his fellow man and will build an enduring edifice of character within himself. The physician should ask of his destiny no more than this and he should be content with no less.” – T.Harrison.

It felt so good to read that at this point in time, when school feels never-ending but overwhelming.  There’s an ominous feeling, like you’re in the pitch dark with just a tiny flashlight to flash on one spot at a time.  This quote was like a glimpse of the big picture, like the real big picture, after all the lab slides, note taking, sleep-dep, caffeine migraines, tingling legs and finger callouses are said and done, the big picture of why I want to do this.

Edit: I apologize if the quote sounds the whole “nothing better than being a doctor” vibe from the first line of the quote.  Not necessarily true, obviously


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