9 Oct

The final leaderboard.

“hey guys we really need some volunteers for the wii tournament, you don’t have to be good at all, like me who totally sucks at any video game but its all for fun and charity. The event is going to be this saturday oct 8. Please by tonight, if you are interested please write back on here or send me a message. Thanks”.  – M

“hi m! i’ll play in the wii tournament if you still have space. i’m not so great but maybe i’ll have some beginners luck!” – me

Wii Olympics champs!  Having 3 older brothers who loved video games and subscribed to Nintendo Power has finally paid off.

Over $500 000 EC ($30 000US) raised and to be matched by the school to donate to:

  1. The only psychiatric hospital on the island, which we visited in third term and met patients of.  An honest institution, but with a bare concrete room for solitary, and a small 20 bed ward.  Lifers, teenagers, drug dealers, people coming off drug-induced schizophrenia and delusions, people with families and children whose progressive schizoaffective disorders made them alone and visitor-less in the hospital, on the island, and in their heads.  Hard working doctors who don’t try to hide the limitations of their institution or the state of affairs on the island, but who are working wholeheartedly to do the best for the wards.
  2. The Santa Claus Project, started by a student of my school, based in NYC where children of families below the poverty line get the chance to enjoy the excitement of getting a gift on Christmas.
  3. Doctors Without Borders in Somalia.  Decades of drought, scarred over-top with conflict, displacement, and now the most extreme food shortage the world has seen and perhaps the worst humanitarian crisis as well.

Plus, had a great conversation with Dr.B (my landlord) about charity and issues of accountability when making donations.  Sometimes it is better to give cash: , sometimes it is better to give supplies.

What an amazing night!  Unexpected. Top prize: Boat cruise, here we come!


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