Mob mentality, Neo-Racism and Awkwardness.

9 Oct

University students of all races and gender come together to don blackface in a heartwarming spirit-builder gone wrong.  I am optimistic that they all felt at least a bit uncomfortable inside, albeit they ignored this and went with what everyone else was doing.  But this just reminds me of how easy it is to go along with things, or for things to seem okay when there’s excitement and other people who seem cool and not “like that at all” doing it too.  Not bad people, I’m sure, but when you don’t step back and really look at yourself (literally, in this case) and what you as an individual is choosing to do, it’s awfully easy to look like an asshole.

Quebec is awesome for so many reasons.  But not quite yet racial tolerance.  Still, I can see things like this happening anywhere, especially on the small scale: words used (so gay! retarded!), phrases (that test raped me!), attitudes and assumptions.  It’s always awkward to call people out on things like that, but I try to remind myself that that’s because those things should make people feel awkward.


2 Responses to “Mob mentality, Neo-Racism and Awkwardness.”

  1. alagarconniere October 14, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    i have a lot of thoughts about this… but namely i agree. i have a lot to say about the reaction of people who were told what they were doing was racist. “it was for fun! we didn’t mean to insult anyone! everyone is so sensitive/politically correct.” instead of just saying “whoops. sorry. we didn’t mean to be hurtful and we apologize.”

    you know what i mean?

    and oh man i have lots of thoughts about latent racism/xenophobia in quebec. one day we will have that conversation…

  2. Sunny October 14, 2011 at 5:51 pm #

    ya defensive instead of thinking about it from another side. it’s like the knee jerk reaction.
    sometimes i get that reaction and i’ll leave the conversation feeling bummed that the other person didn’t really “get it” but then a day or two later they’ll say something that’ll make me think they thought more about it or maybe the message just took some time to soak through unconsciously. maybe it’s not the message that people have trouble with, but rather they have trouble with admitting they did something wrong?

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