Clean an inbox, accept a change.

7 Oct

The National Stadium

Grenada is really great!  Although.. I haven’t had as many opportunities to leave the area around campus since August.  School has picked up quite a bit since I first arrived in June (from now until December they say is the heaviest part of the coursework) so most of the time I’m indoors in the cranked up AC (they say it’s to keep mould out but it seems ridiculous that there are students wearing coats and sweatshirts here) surrounded by stressed out North Americans.  Now that I’ve been here longer I’ve had more time to experience the less favourable parts of living in the tropics (humongous cockroaches and invincible mosquitoes) but once in a while when I’m walking down the hill on campus I’ll get a view of the green hills and colourful houses or pink sunsets and be reminded of how nice it is here!  I’ve been playing some soccer with a group of girls here, just a practice once in a while.  Last week we played against the Grenadian National team (not joking!) at the national stadium as an exhibition game to open for a men’s team tournament.  We thought we’d be clobbered but we actually won (2-1)!!  We didn’t even have a goalie going into the game, but luckily their substitute agreed to play for us and was really amazing.

How are things going in the lab? I hope you are enjoying the fall time (I miss it!)
– Steph

On 6 October 2011 16:23, ex-MSc Supervisor wrote:Sure … I have removed that.

Still have you done for jobs.

What is Grenada like or are you still in England?

MSc Super

On Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 03:15:15PM -0400, Stephanie Sun wrote:
> Hi MSc Super!  Hope all is going great.
> Just a quick message that I’d like to change my settings to the mailing list <that was relevant to my previous life as a grad student when I was about to graduate but not sure where to commit myself and strangely even though I’ve started medical school and picked a different path I’ve been willingly filling my inbox with the messages because I like looking back on new opportunities for a past part of my life and sometimes those opportunities still excite me and make me wistful for those days when I was scared and excited about how I didn’t know where I could end up and what I could be doing> to be removed from the grad student positions message list.
> Thank you!
> – Stephanie


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